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SOLD! Winter Flower Necklace

SOLD! Winter Flower Necklace

Connecting you to the land and history from where it came, the pottery shard featured in this necklace was discovered along the beach in Beaumaris on Anglesey. This weathered black and white shard features a flower that resembles a blossom and its foliage. Given the curve of the shard, it likely came from a the outside of a bowl or lid. This pattern is very unique and has not been unearthed by us before; Sadly, the maker and pattern also have yet to be unearthed.
A faceted black onyx gemstone and a cluster of smoky quartz connects the shard to the necklace, with an additional drop to finish off the extender - perfect to dangle down your back.
This sterling silver necklace was made to last. The soldering in this necklace provide you with a strong, quality necklace that isn't going to break from a slight tug. Including the extender, the necklace measures about 18 inches long.
72 GBP

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