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Turquoise Rectangle Sea Glass Ring (Size L/M)

Turquoise Rectangle Sea Glass Ring (Size L/M)

Sea glass:
Connecting you to the land and history from where it came, the sea glass this ring was made from was found in Beaumaris on the beach. The glass is 100% genuine sea glass and has not been polished, cut, shaped or modified in any way. Manufacturers used turquoise glass to produce things such as tableware, vases, seltzer bottles, flasks, and art glass. Peak production years of turquoise glass ranged from the late 1800s to the 1950s. Because turquoise glass was hardly ever used in the mass production of glass, you can assume that any piece you find is likely older than most other shards.
Handmade from 100% sterling silver. Your ring is made from recycled silver, making an eco-fashion statement of both style and sustainability.
This ring fits about a size L/M.
89 GBP