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SOLD! Turquoise and Onyx Drop Earrings

SOLD! Turquoise and Onyx Drop Earrings


Connecting you to the land and history from where it came, the pottery shard these earrings are made from was found along paths of Eccleshall. These turquoise and gold pottery shards come from a larger shard and the curve tells us the shard once belonged to a large plate or platter. This is a unique pattern that has not been unearthed by us before, and sadly the pattern and maker have yet to be unearthed. They measure 14mm across.
Each earring has a faceted square green onyx stone.
Earring Wire:
Sterling Silver earring posts ensure you won't have to worry about any metal allergies or green earlobes! In addition, the earrings come with comfortable, high quality plastic backings. Unlike metal fasteners, they stay put, and don't make a dent in the back of your ear. They ensure you can wear the backings anywhere along the earring post so the earring stays in place.
48 GBP

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