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SOLD! Trentham Triangle Sterling Silver Necklace with Garnet and Lapis Cluster


Unearthing the History:

Connecting you to the land and history from where it came, the pottery shard featured in this necklace was found by the Trentham Estate. How the shard got there is a mystery, but likely is tied to the history of Trentham lake and the buildings once owned by the Duke of Sutherland. The shard displays a part of the border from the Willow pattern, and gives a good example of the strong dark blue colours that were a trademark of this pattern.
An amber-coloured Spessartine Garnet and small faceted lapis cluster both contrast and mirror the colours in the pottery shard. A drop of both stones finishes off the extender - perfect to dangle down your back.
This sterling silver necklace was made to last. The soldered jump rings in this necklace provide you with a strong, quality necklace that isn't going to break from a slight tug.
A 3 inch extender allows you to wear your necklace with a variety of different necklines. Including the extender, the necklace measures 21 inches long so it can be worn as a longer necklace, or worn as a choker.
52 GBP

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