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Moss Green Sea Glass Silver Hoop Necklace

Moss Green Sea Glass Silver Hoop Necklace

Sea Glass:
Connecting you to the land and history from where it came, the sea glass featured in this necklace was discovered on the beach in Beaumaris. Each earring features a shard of mossy green sea glass. Most moss/olive green sea glass comes from wine bottles. The main reason for the green color is that the natural ingredients used in making glass - sand, soda ash, and lime - generally contained iron impurities in the sand. Iron added to the glass-making process, produces a green color. So, depending on the amount of iron naturally found in the sand being used, the depth of green in the bottle glass was either light or dark.
Two green quartz stones set off the clasp.
This sterling silver necklace was made to last. The soldering and wire wrapping in this necklace provide you with a strong, quality necklace that isn't going to break from a slight tug. The necklace measures about 19 inches long.
48 GBP