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Large Aqua Blue Sea Glass Drop Earrings

Large Aqua Blue Sea Glass Drop Earrings

Sea Glass:
Connecting you to the land and history from where it came, the seaglass featured in this necklace was discovered on the shores of Beaumaris in Wales. Each earring features a large shard of aqua blue sea glass. For all its present day acclaim, the aqua glass colour (and subsequent sea glass) derived from a modest beginning as one of the most widely used glass colours prior to the 1920s and all the way back to the early 19th century. Virtually every bottle and glass vessel made during this 100+ year period was an aqua hue. Bottles, ink wells, fruit and condiment jars, containers for magical lotions and snake oil potions, flasks, electrical insulators, all were varying shades of this greenish/blue colour, simply because it was the least expensive glass to make.
Making a statement of both style and sustainability, each earring features two circular ecosilver sterling silver hammered rings. Ecosilver is made using 100% recycled sterling silver so you can feel good knowing you are wearing eco-friendly jewellery.
The sterling silver earrings come with comfortable, high quality plastic backings. Unlike metal fasteners, they stay put, and don't make a dent in the back of your ear. They ensure you can wear the backings anywhere along the earring post so the earring stays in place.
60 GBP

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