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Italian Blue Chalcedony Necklace

Italian Blue Chalcedony Necklace

Connecting you to the land and history of Spode, the Potteries and Stoke on Trent, the pottery shard this necklace is made from was one of the vessels damaged by a drunk driver that smashed through the Spode shop window. This blue and white pottery shard comes from Spode's Italian Blue pattern. This beautiful blue and white collection was launched in 1816 and has been in production ever since. Now considered an iconic English design, the stunning Blue Italian collection features a finely detailed 18th century Imari Oriental border encompassing a scene inspired by the Italian countryside. The shard shows a cluster of foliage and flowers, as well as a collage of spirals... two patterns of many pattern from the border of Italian Blue.
A faceted dark blue chalcedony gemstone connects the shard to the necklace, with a drop of tanzanite to finish off the extender - perfect to dangle down your back.
This sterling silver necklace was made to last. The soldering in this necklace provides you with a strong, quality necklace that isn't going to break from a slight tug. Including the extender, the necklace measures about 20 inches long.
72 GBP

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