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Cloudy Skies Over the Pub Necklace

Cloudy Skies Over the Pub Necklace

Unearthing the History:
Pottery: Connecting you to the land and history from where it came, the pottery shard featured in this necklace features a rose and was discovered on the ground outside an old thatched-roof pub in Stone when England played Wales during the EuroCup! The pattern is Willow - likely Staffordshire Ware and comes from the edge of a plate. Willow is probably one of the most successful patterns ever made. Although in the late 18th/early 19th century any blue printed design imitating Chinese porcelain was often described as Willow, the main features of the true Willow pattern are the bridge with three people crossing it, the willow tree, the boat, the main teahouse, the two birds and the fence in the foreground of the garden. To boost sales, a romantic fable was invented based on the design about the daughter of a wealthy Mandarin falling in love with her father's accountant and choosing love over fortune!
Stone: The cloudy, humid weather recently seems to have inspired the colours used in this necklace - Blue lapis and Tanzanite are paired with various tones of grey smoky quartz. A drop of lapis and tanzanite finish off the extender - perfect to dangle down your back.
Chain: This sterling silver necklace was made to last. The soldered jump rings in this necklace provide you with a strong, quality necklace that isn't going to break from a slight tug.
Length: The loose chain on this necklace means you can fasten the clasp anywhere along the necklace, allowing you to wear your necklace with a variety of different necklines. The necklace measures 19 inches long and can sit just below your collarbone, or worn as a choker.
56 GBP